Aragon Game Farm

                                   J.A.R.A. Game Farm


 Johannes Alexander Robis Aragon


                                             San Jose Del Monte City Bulacan Philippines                 

Offshore Tigers Line                                     

                    Bloodlines      Last Date Edited: 05-March-2010

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    Yellow Birchens                                           Tigerdom Line





Pure Red Jungle Fowl  ( For Sale)     available in U.S now!!!!!!


   Black Bonanza                                                           WHITE RUBLE      

   ( 2 x Winner 12 sec.)


 Pure Madigin White Claret                                   SWEATER CROSS

                                                                    (From DSVBJ Farm, Oragon Lines)





   PURE SWEATER ( Imported from SlickLizard Farm)             Pure Zamboanga    White                  


Zooeasy Breeding Software, Cockfighting Breedong Program





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Billy  Ruble Hatch


Billy Ruble was the originator of the Ruble Hatch breed.

Billy Ruble form Wellsville, Ohio is widely known for his Ruble hath cocks. Ruble hatch were some the hardest hitting gamefowl, they hit like a bull and would be game enough to lay and peck for days if he had to, and the rubles were made of steel, you had to kill every feather in them, if the cold cut somebody would be in trouble.

Billy is most widely known for his hatch, but ruble also had muffs and greys that could hold there own, Billy's muffs or greys never hit as hard as his hatch but cut 50x better,

SUMMERY Billy created the worst fighting(they couldn't cut a lick) but the best hatch for crossing.









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Billy Ruble Gray, Shorty Buloc






















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